Professionals from various industries now trust Formtastic’s form software. This is also the case in the construction industry. Users appreciate the clear form management and the ease with which forms can be individually created and optimised.

High demands in the construction sector
In the construction sector, precision is not just a requirement – it is the key to success. With projects often running into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, customers naturally demand a high level of professionalism, and rightly so. This includes comprehensive reports that carefully set out every detail of the completed work and are reliably stored and dispatched.

Comprehensive reporting for greater customer satisfaction
A detailed and well-documented report is a key factor for customer satisfaction in the construction industry. It should transparently document the work performed, i.e. labour hours and material consumption. Well-prepared reports, such as those that can be created with Formtastic, promote trust and justify the value created to the customer.

Simplify complexity with Formtastic
The easy-to-use form designer enables detailed reports to be created with just one click. All the details of the construction tasks, material expenditure and labour hours can be recorded on site and sent immediately as a finished PDF report.

More efficiency and sustainability with digital forms

Choosing Formtastic is a strategic step towards increasing sustainability and operational efficiency in your organisation. It is intuitive to use, making even the most detailed reporting elements, such as price lists, a breeze. This ease of use makes Formtastic a helpful tool while reducing the need for paper.

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