Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Formtastic?

Formtastic is a versatile and easy-to-use form tool for businesses. Employees in both internal and external roles can save time and costs by digitizing and automating processes, as well as reducing paper consumption within the company. With your custom form template, data can be captured on-site through the free app and automatically sent to customers with personalized text and PDF attachments. We’re here to assist you with setting up your forms!

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Who can use Formtastic?

Formtastic is aimed at businesses of all sizes and industries that prioritize good customer service and GDPR-compliant data management in Germany.

Examples of industries among our current customers include:

– Trade Services
– Care Services
– Security Services
– Solar Systems Installers
– Property Management
– Retailers
– Other Services

On which devices does Formtastic work?

The setup of the forms takes place in your browser. Subsequent usage is possible both through the browser and via the free app for iOS and Android.

What types of forms can be created?

With Formtastic, you can create any custom forms for use in the app, such as for capturing customer orders, work reports, working hours, etc. Web forms for capturing new customer inquiries are also possible.

Here you will find an overview of all free form templates. You can customise these further for your individual application.

Is Formtastic free?

Formtastic is available in various subscription options, including the free Free plan. Users of the Free plan can use Formtastic indefinitely, but with limitations such as the number of forms and the number of fields. You can find more information about the different plans on our pricing overview.

What tariffs are available?

The paid tariffs have fewer or no restrictions and offer additional useful premium functions. Any number of users can be added to the Enter price tariff. We currently even offer a flat rate here. You can find all information about the tariffs and prices here.

Who can I contact if I need help creating the forms?

Gern helfen wir Ihnen bei der Erstellung Ihrer individuellen Formularvorlagen. Schreiben Sie uns oder rufen Sie uns an:

Phone: +49-89-716802090

In which file formats can data be exported?

You can export form data, including images, in your custom design as a PDF or Word file and have it automatically sent to you via email. Additionally, data can be downloaded in bulk as an Excel spreadsheet. This allows all collected data from your forms to be further processed and archived.

Do you need to be able to programme to create a form?

The form fields can be easily dragged and dropped to the desired position in the Form Designer and then edited (no-code) without any programming knowledge. This makes it possible to design professional forms that are precisely customised to your needs.

To set up the PDF export in your individual design, a Word file (docx) must be created in which the placeholders are inserted at the desired position (low code). A sample Word file can be downloaded or you can use one of the ready-made form templates.

Where can I download the Formtastic app?

The Formtastic app can be downloaded for free in the Apple store (iOS) and in the Play Store (Android).

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