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Mobile data capture – with the Formtastic form designer!

Checkliste PDF-Export

Fulfill recording obligations digitally

Timesheets are useful and in many cases even legally required. For instance, employers of minor employment must document working hours and store them for 2 years. Additionally, employers in certain industries such as construction, restaurants, hotels, passenger transportation, freight forwarding, etc., are legally obligated.. (More Information)

We accompany you on your journey to becoming a digital enterprise. Get started today with the free timesheet app from Formtastic!

Timesheet Template

With the Formtastic Form-designer , you can create any form templates for your mobile devices yourself. The template “Work Record/Time Sheet” is one of the many free ready-,made templates. The work hours recorded on mobile devices are then available to you in the web portal, as a PDF via email, or as an Excel export. There’s no need for later scanning or typing, giving you more time for the important things.

form export

Customize PDFs individually

Specify the format and filename for sending the checklist to the intended recipient. This saves you time and effort later on, as everything will be automatically sent according to your preferences. Design your own professional layout in Word for the automatic PDF export of your data.


50% Time Savings

Because information is directly captured and processed digitally on-site – without media breaks!

More Efficiency

Export as PDF, email delivery, and assignment to other staff members – all automatically according to your preferences.


100% Flexible Design

Form templates and result documents can be individually designed according to your preferences.

100% Intelligent Forms

They can be equipped with conditions for visibility. Calculations from number fields are also possible.


100% Sicherheit

The encrypted transmission of data and processing in a German data center ensure the highest security – 100% GDPR compliant.

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