Create forms
via drag and drop

Quick and easy form designer

form designer

Simple drag & drop

The form designer can be accessed via the web portal. Simply drag and drop one of the many available form elements to the desired position and configure it according to your requirements.

In addition to normal input fields, special field types are also available for inserting photos, signatures, location, audio, barcodes, calculations from other fields, etc. In addition, fields can be grouped, displayed in multiple columns or in table form.

Intelligent form functions

You can use the visibility settings to configure fields so that they are only displayed if a certain condition is met, e.g. if a checkbox is ticked.

You can also use the target value settings to configure input fields so that defined values are automatically filled in depending on what has been entered in another field. This means, for example, that customer details no longer have to be entered manually, but are filled in automatically as soon as the name is entered or an assigned barcode is scanned.

This turns paper forms into intelligent, easy-to-use digital processes!

Set values

Professional form export

Use a Word document to define the design for the PDF export of your completed form. The finished PDF can then be sent automatically to the desired recipients by e-mail. This saves a lot of time and labour that would otherwise be required for manual creation and sending.

Formtastic simply makes forms digital. Because digitalisation should start where information is created…



In the web portal, form templates are created and configured, users, authorisations and workflows are set up and other settings are made. Form data can also be imported and exported here in Excel format so that it can be further processed or archived. All data is stored securely in a German data centre. You can access the web portal via your browser after logging in.



Form data can be automatically exported as a PDF or Word file and sent by email. In addition, form data can be imported and exported as an Excel spreadsheet. Automatic storage via SFTP on your server is also possible. This means that all your form data can be further processed in other programmes.



The free Formtastic app gives you mobile access to your created form templates via your tablet or smartphone. The app is available for Android and iOS. Thanks to the clear structure in the app, all your forms can be used and managed intuitively. The app can also be used offline if there is no internet connection, e.g. in the basement of a house. As soon as the device is back online, the recorded data is synchronised again.

Why Formtastic?


50% time saving

Because information is digitally recorded and processed directly on site – without media disruptions!

More efficiency

Export as PDF, send by email and assign to other employees – all automatically according to your wishes.


100% flexible design

Form templates and result documents can be customised according to your wishes.

Intelligent forms

Fields can be hidden or automatically filled with data (e.g. customer address after entering the name or scanning a barcode). Live calculations from number fields are also possible.

Intelligente Formulare

100% security

Encrypted data transmission and processing in a German data centre guarantee maximum security – 100% GDPR-compliant