Logistics forms

Formtastic simplifies work processes for logistics companies by providing digital forms for managing deliveries. Supply chains can be optimised and costs sustainably reduced.


Advantages for Supply Chain and Logistics.

Standardised documentation

Formtastic offers various input elements such as photos, signatures and barcodes. Transport and logistics service providers can use these functions to document the handover of goods, including a signature. Processes in the supply chain with customers and partners become more efficient, which promotes satisfaction in and with your company.

Customised design for your reports

Formtastic simplifies the creation of PDF reports for transport companies with free templates for timesheets, receipts and checklists. The templates can be customised to your company design. Customer data can be stored to reduce manual input. This saves time and avoids errors.

Intelligent and sustainable management

Use intelligent field settings for visibility, pre-filled values (set values) and calculations to achieve an optimal result during input and PDF export. This saves time in internal processes and customer contact. You also save paper and can increase customer satisfaction as a sustainable company.

Logistics form templates

Free & customisable

Working time recording

The timesheet template is crucial for efficiency in the logistics industry, especially for recording the hours worked by drivers and warehouse staff. It ensures the accurate recording of working hours and breaks, which is essential for invoicing customers and processing payroll.

This template also helps with resource allocation as it allows managers to optimise staff deployment based on actual time data. By analysing work patterns, transport companies can improve productivity and identify areas where efficiency needs to be increased. In addition, keeping detailed time records helps to comply with labour laws and creates transparency for customers, enhancing the company’s trust and reputation.


The checklist template is important to the transport industry as it ensures that critical tasks such as safety inspections and routine maintenance are carried out systematically. Recording the name and date ensures traceability and adherence to schedules. Check boxes next to key work steps ensure that procedures are completed, which is essential for maintaining a high level of reliability.

The signature at the end of the form not only confirms the completion of each task, but also supports regulatory compliance by providing verifiable evidence of adherence to operational integrity and safety standards.

Inventory List

This inventory list template is crucial for the supply chain industry as it enables precise stock tracking and management. With fields for designating areas, responsible personnel, item numbers, and quantities, it provides a comprehensive record of inventory items. Including dates ensures timely audits, while the signature field ensures accountability.

This structured approach aids in optimizing stock levels, reducing costs, and preventing overstock or stockouts. By offering clarity on inventory status, it enhances decision-making, streamlines supply chain operations, and ensures timely order fulfillment, contributing to overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Cost Estimate/Offer

The cost estimate/offer template streamlines pricing and proposal generation in the supply chain industry. By capturing company and client details, product selection, quantity, and pricing information, it ensures accurate and transparent quotes. Fields for discounts, net total, and taxes provide a comprehensive financial overview, while the calculation element automatically computes the gross total, reducing errors.

The structured format ensures consistency across offers, improving client communication and trust. This template helps supply chain companies quickly generate competitive, clear, and professional cost estimates, ultimately accelerating decision-making and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Essential form fields


The figures required for invoices, cost estimates or stock lists are calculated automatically. This avoids errors and speeds up work processes.


Used for checklists, for example for goods handovers and warehouse inspections.


Structures complex data such as logistics key figures and then enables simple analysis.


Employees and customers can sign on site in the app and the signatures are displayed in the PDF export.

Multiline Textfield

Allows you to enter detailed comments, such as customer feedback or descriptions of incidents.

Barcode/QR Code

Scanning a code simplifies inventory management and tracking of transport goods.