Manufacturing forms

Formtastic simplifies work processes in manufacturing by providing digital forms for creating orders, maintenance logs or cost estimates, thereby increasing productivity and accuracy.


Advantages for your company

Standardised documentation

Formtastic offers various input elements such as photos, signatures and barcodes. Manufacturing companies can use these functions to document the manufacturing process and delivery to the customer, including a signature. The production process is improved and bottlenecks or excess stock are avoided.

Customised design for your reports

With free templates for time recording, inventory lists and cost estimates, Formtastic simplifies business processes and improves quality assurance. The templates can be customised to your company design. Customer data can be stored to reduce manual input. This saves time and avoids errors.

Intelligent and sustainable management

Use intelligent field settings for visibility, pre-filled values (set values) and calculations to achieve an optimal result during input and PDF export. This saves time in internal processes and customer contact. You also save paper and can increase customer satisfaction as a sustainable company.

Manufacturing form templates for you

Free & Customisable

Repair Order

The repair order template aids the manufacturing industry by streamlining the management of equipment malfunctions and service requests. It systematically records client details and the specifics of each repair job, including what needs fixing and the extent of damage. The option to attach photos allows for a quick initial assessment to facilitate precise resource allocation and repair planning.

This ensures that maintenance teams respond swiftly, reducing machinery downtime and maintaining production continuity. Including customer/Team member signatures formalizes the repair request, promoting clear communication and helping manage expectations for service delivery.

Working Time Recording

This working time recording template is essential for the manufacturing industry as it meticulously tracks employee hours, contributing to efficient labor management. By recording start and end times, it provides accurate data for payroll processing and helps identify labor cost efficiencies. The form’s ability to log breaks (pauses) ensures compliance with working regulations and promotes workforce well-being.

Additionally, the comments section can be used for noting overtime justifications or shift specifics, aiding in operational analysis and planning. Overall, this template enhances the management of manufacturing operations by offering clear insights into workforce utilization and productivity.

Inventory List

In the manufacturing industry, this inventory list template enhances logistical precision by categorizing items and quantities in specific areas, aiding quick stock retrieval and replenishment. Assigning a responsible person to each inventory segment ensures accountability, vital for the accuracy of stock levels. Detailed recording of item numbers and quantities allows for effective supply chain management, crucial for avoiding overstocking or shortages that could halt production.

By facilitating a meticulous inventory process, the template enables manufacturers to maintain a lean inventory, optimize storage space, and ensure the availability of essential materials, all of which are critical for uninterrupted manufacturing operations.

Cost Estimate/offer

The Cost Estimate/Offer template empowers manufacturing companies to create detailed and professional price quotes for their products and services. The template ensures that estimates are personalized and well-organized by systematically including company and client information. It helps in outlining the costs associated with each product or service, including quantities and individual prices, which simplifies the quotation process and enhances transparency with clients.

Additionally, the ability to account for discounts and totals, including taxes, allows for precise and accurate financial communication. This template is a critical tool for manufacturers in bidding for contracts and managing client expectations regarding product pricing.

Essential form fields for Manufacturing


Record when production activities or maintenance measures are carried out in order to meet the schedule.


Useful for safety checks and ensuring all steps in a production process are completed.


Structures complex data such as key production figures and then enables simple analysis.


Employees and customers can sign on site in the app and the signatures are displayed in the PDF export.


Record specific data for production processes, such as machine settings and production batch numbers.

Barcode/QR Code

Scanning a code simplifies inventory management and tracking of parts throughout the production cycle.