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Formtastic simplifies construction and housing management processes by providing intuitive online form creation tools, improves the accuracy of documentation and increases the efficiency of project management for property professionals.


Advantages for your company

Standardised documentation

Formtastic offers various input elements such as photos, signatures and barcodes. Property and construction company employees can use these functions to document the progress of a project or a handover to the tenant, obtain signatures and scan barcodes from equipment or materials for inventory control and tracking.

Customised design for your protocols

Formtastic simplifies the creation of inspection reports and work instructions with free templates for building inspections, handover reports and construction reports. The templates can be customised to your company design. Customer data can be stored to reduce manual input. This saves time and avoids errors.

Intelligent and sustainable management

Use intelligent field settings for visibility, pre-populated values (set values) and calculations to get an optimal result during input and PDF export. This saves time for maintenance orders and meter readings. You also save paper and can increase customer satisfaction as a sustainable company.

Construction form templates

Free & Customisable

Building Inspection

The “Property Management: Building Inspection” form is designed to manage various aspects of a construction project inspection. It covers general information about the project, contractor details, building acceptance, inspection types, contract data, service periods, acceptance status, defect lists, potential penalties, warranty details, defect remediation deadlines, and final comments. The form also includes fields for relevant dates, photographs of defects, and signatures from the client and contractor to authenticate the inspection.

For companies focusing on property management or construction services, this form would be integral in standardizing building inspection processes. It ensures that all crucial elements, from contract adherence to warranty enforcement, are meticulously recorded and signed off. This could be particularly useful for project managers, building inspectors, and clients seeking a transparent and structured approach to assessing construction quality and compliance.

Construction Protocol

The “Property Management: Construction Protocol” form is tailored to record details and activities at a construction site. It includes sections for inputting the address of the construction site, details of the protocol observed, detection dates, the companies and trades involved, and descriptions of the activities, complemented with an option to attach photos. Additional fields for employee details, company emails, and signatures provide a comprehensive means to document and verify site conditions and progress.

This form would be a valuable digital tool for a property management company for project managers and site supervisors to log construction progress and issues. It would also be useful for process tracking, allowing stakeholders to keep track of developments, ensuring that construction protocols are followed, and documenting any incidents or changes in the project with accompanying photographic evidence. The form’s structure facilitates methodical record-keeping and communication between the construction team and property management entities.

Handover Protocol

The “Property Management: Handover Protocol” is a form for documenting the condition of a rental property during tenant move-in or move-out. It captures details such as addresses, tenant and landlord representatives, condition and components of various rooms, meter readings, key handovers, and includes signature fields for both parties. This thorough template ensures all aspects of the property’s state are recorded, with photo evidence for any defects.

Any user performing property management or rental services could utilize this form to facilitate a smooth and clear handover process. It’s particularly useful for property managers and tenants to agree on the property’s condition, preventing future disputes over damages or responsibilities. This form acts as a formal, signed agreement on the state of the property at the time of handover, which is critical for security deposits and maintenance records.

Maintenance Order

The “Property Management: Maintenance Order” form is designed for property managers to report and order repairs for maintenance issues within a property. It provides fields for entering business entity details, caretaker and tenant information, a description of the damage, and estimated costs. Additionally, it allows for setting the priority of the repair, includes a photo upload option for the damage, and has sections for the assignment of contractors, including their contact details and the description of the services to be performed, along with signature fields to authorize the work.

For a property management Company, this form would streamline the process of reporting, prioritizing, and commissioning maintenance work. It could be used by property managers to efficiently coordinate repairs with service providers and to communicate with tenants regarding the status of their maintenance requests. This ensures a swift response to issues, maintaining the property’s condition and tenant satisfaction.

Meter Reading

The “Property Management: Meter Reading” form template is designed for property managers or utility companies to record and manage meter readings for properties. The form includes personal and property information sections, meter details like type, location, and number, and fields for inputting previous and current readings with comments. It also allows for attaching photos and includes signature fields for verification.

For a property management company, this form would be essential for accurately tracking utility usage and ensuring billing is based on actual consumption. It would be particularly useful during tenant turnovers, routine checks, or when discrepancies in billing arise. The template’s structure ensures clarity in utility management, streamlining communication between property managers, tenants, and utility providers.

Work Report

This form template includes various sections to detail client information, job descriptions, worker timetables, material usage, and work completion status. Users can drag and drop fields like name, address, phone, email, and signatures, with options to add tables for timelines and materials, checkboxes for work completion, and signature fields for both the site manager and client.

The template serves multiple use cases in the construction industry, ranging from daily work reporting to tracking material consumption. It can be used by site managers to document and verify the tasks completed by workers, record the hours spent, and ensure materials are used as planned. It also acts as a formal document between the service provider and the client, where both parties can acknowledge the work done with their signatures, thereby improving transparency in construction projects.

Essential form fields


Essential for logging inspections and maintenance work to maintain a precise schedule and accurate records.


Useful for property managers to quickly mark off completed tasks during inspections or when reviewing maintenance checklists.


Enables visual documentation of property conditions for maintenance checks, before-and-after comparisons and rental inspections.


Employees and customers can sign directly in the app and the signatures are displayed in the PDF export.


Records the current exact location of the employee or the property in question.

Barcode/QR Code

Scanning a code simplifies inventory management and asset tracking in property management.