Solar installer forms

Formtastic enables system builders, for example of solar systems, to create customer quotations on site, obtain authorisations or record maintenance orders using easy-to-use digital forms.

free forms for renewable energy

Advantages for your company

Standardised documentation

Formtastic offers various input elements such as photos, signatures and barcodes. PV module installers can use these functions to document the installation process and orders and authorisations received, including a signature. Customer contact becomes more efficient, which promotes customer satisfaction.

Customised design for your reports

With free templates for repair orders, cost estimates or checklists, Formtastic simplifies the creation of PDF reports for plant manufacturers. The templates can be customised to your company design. Customer data can be stored to reduce manual input. This saves time and avoids errors.

Intelligent and sustainable management

Use intelligent field settings for visibility, pre-filled values (set values) and calculations to achieve an optimal result during input and PDF export. This saves time in internal processes and customer contact. You also save paper and can increase customer satisfaction as a sustainable company.

Installer form templates

free & customisable


The checklist template is invaluable for the energy industry, ensuring critical tasks, such as safety inspections and routine maintenance, are executed systematically. Recording the name and date provides traceability and adherence to schedules. Checkboxes next to key operational steps guarantee that procedures are completed, which is vital for maintaining the high reliability required in energy production with solar panels or other instruments.

The signature at the end of the form not only confirms the completion of each task but also supports regulatory compliance by providing a verifiable record of operational integrity and safety standards being met.

Working Time Recording

The Working Time Recording template serves the energy industry by ensuring accurate tracking of employees’ work hours. It captures precise start and end times, enabling management to oversee staff allocation and productivity effectively. With fields for daily timestamps and breaks, it helps calculate total hours worked, which is essential for payroll processing and compliance with labor laws.

This template also contributes to operational efficiency by identifying peak activity times, facilitating optimal scheduling of shifts to meet the energy sector’s fluctuating demand, and maintaining continuous service delivery. Comments sections provide space for additional notes, potentially highlighting overtime reasons or shift-specific observations.

Inventory List

The inventory list template aids the energy sector in managing assets effectively. Designating specific areas and responsible personnel ensures accurate tracking and accountability. Regular updates marked by date stamps maintain updated records essential for predictive maintenance. Itemized details about equipment and supplies support operational efficiency and informed decision-making. Including a signature field for verification upholds the integrity of inventory data, which is critical for audit compliance and supply chain management.

This comprehensive approach to inventory helps prevent equipment shortages, streamline maintenance processes, and optimize resource allocation in the energy industry.

Cost Estimate/offer

The cost estimate/offer template is pivotal for energy companies in preparing detailed proposals and bids. It ensures that all client details are systematically captured, which is vital for personalized service and record-keeping. The template breaks down the cost of products or services, allowing energy firms to provide transparent and itemized pricing for projects. This can include the cost of materials such as solar panels, estimated labor, and any additional expenses related to energy production or services.

The inclusion of quantity and price fields aids in the quick calculation of totals, while the discount section helps in offering competitive pricing strategies. Such comprehensive estimates support clear communication with clients and can streamline the financial planning of energy projects, contributing to better client relationships and efficient business operations.

Essential form fields


Record when maintenance or installation work is carried out in order to keep to the schedule.


Useful for safety checks and to ensure that all steps in a production process have been completed.


Allows visual documentation, for example in work reports, test logs and repair orders.


Employees or customers can easily sign on the display. Just like photos, signatures can be placed in your PDF export.


Record specific data for assembly processes, such as PV module key figures and customer data.

Barcode/QR Code

Scanning a code simplifies inventory management and tracking of parts throughout the assembly process.