The company Voltpol plans photovoltaic systems for both private and corporate clients with passion, as explained by Managing Director Lukas Linthout. For comprehensive customer consultation, no external companies are commissioned; everything is organized internally. This would normally involve a lot of paperwork.

Through a recommendation, the two managing directors became aware of Formtastic. Form templates specially tailored for the solar industry could be set up quickly, such as on-site creation of offers and obtaining permits.


On-site created price quotes for PV customers save time and costs

Since using digital forms, the young company can save a lot of bureaucratic effort by automatically sending on-site created price quotes, tailored to the specific requirements of each photovoltaic project, to the customer via email. This saves paper and also increases transparency and trust with the customer. Similarly, the approval process for the registration and commissioning of photovoltaic systems is simplified, allowing customers to digitally sign documents on a tablet or smartphone and receive them immediately as PDFs.




Increase in customer satisfaction and paper reduction

The resulting increase in customer satisfaction was impressive. By managing data uniformly, Voltpol ensures that each customer receives personalized and efficient service.

Customer data is immediately available at the central office. This efficiency simplifies operations, bringing not only time savings but also a reduction in paper usage. In addition to utilizing solar energy, the digital process flow is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In the rapidly evolving solar energy industry, Voltpol quickly recognized the importance of enhancing operational efficiency and customer service through the use of form software.