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General templates

Working Time Recording

A template for a timesheet form to capture employee data and record work hours. It includes fields for personal information such as first and last name and email. There are sections for daily records with date, start and end times, total work hours minus breaks, and comments.

It serves to verify the accuracy of reported hours and includes a field for the date and signature of the employee. This form is essential for the HR department and payroll in any company that tracks its employees' work hours for compensation.

Holiday Request

The template "Urlaubsantrag" allows employees to request vacation. The template includes fields for entering personal data, vacation entitlement according to the employment contract, dates for the desired vacation period, and a record of previously requested vacation days. It also includes provisions for documenting agreements with a substitute employee and obtaining approval from a supervisor, concluding with fields for dates and signatures of both the employee and the supervisor.

Human resources departments could use this to streamline the processing of vacation requests and ensure that all necessary information is collected and approvals are documented. This would provide significant benefits to employees in vacation planning and to supervisors in managing team availability, ensuring transparent communication, and efficiently handling vacation requests.

Business Letter

The business letter form allows users to customize a formal document by dragging and dropping various predefined fields. These fields include sections for personal and company names, addresses, subject lines, greetings, main content, and a signature. This streamlined process facilitates the quick creation of letters while ensuring a professional format.

This template is ideal for professionals who need to compose letters for various business purposes, such as proposals, inquiries, or formal communications to clients and partners. It can also assist administrative staff in efficiently managing correspondence by ensuring that all necessary information is included and presented in a consistent, formal manner.

Power of Attorney

This form is structured to capture the personal data of the grantor, including full name, address, postal code, city, and date of birth. A pre-formulated authorization clause empowers another entity to apply on behalf of the grantor and process documents. The form includes fields for the place where the signature is executed, the date of signing, and a signature field for the person granting the authorization.

This form can streamline the process of granting power of attorney to another individual or organization on websites for legal services, financial institutions, or government agencies. It benefits users who need to authorize representatives to act on their behalf, especially when they cannot be physically present for certain transactions or legal actions.


In this form, users can enter personal data such as first and last name, address details (street, postal code, city), and email. There is also a field where the issuing authority can enter their name and additional comments. This form is equipped with an authorization statement indicating that the approval is granted under certain conditions, as well as fields for the date and signature for official validation.

This could be particularly useful on websites of authorities or municipal services where residents need to apply for permits, such as parking, construction, or event permits. The digital format simplifies the application process as users can submit their applications online. For businesses, this form could be adapted for internal use, such as permits for access to facilities or the use of equipment, to ensure that all required information is captured and processed efficiently. The template contributes to a transparent, traceable approval process with legally binding signatures.


A memo form with fields for date, creator, recipient email, project status, action, and sections for short and longer memos.

The form tracks project updates and actions across various sectors and is ideal for businesses, healthcare, IT industry, and education for efficient internal communication.


A template form for creating a receipt with fields for receipt number, net amount, value-added tax (VAT), total gross, payer, payee, date, location, booking note, and signature. This form is useful for any industry that needs to record transaction data.


The checklist form includes fields for entering names and dates as well as multiple checkboxes, each providing space for additional text and a checkmark. A section for additional checklist items allows for expanding the form. A signature field at the bottom indicates formal confirmation or approval of the checklist content.

This form could prove useful for tasks verification or progress tracking, such as in project management or quality control processes. Employees could mark tasks as completed, while supervisors could utilize the signature field.


Working Time Recording

A template for a timesheet form to capture employee data and record work hours. It includes fields for personal information such as first and last name and email. There are sections for daily records with date, start and end times, total work hours minus breaks, and comments.

It serves to verify the accuracy of reported hours and includes a field for the date and signature of the employee. This form is essential for the HR department and payroll in any company that tracks its employees' work hours for compensation.

Cost Estimate / Offer

This template allows for customization of various fields relevant for creating a detailed financial document, including sections for the company's and service provider's personal information, product selections with quantities and prices, applied discounts, and calculations for net, value-added tax (VAT), and gross totals. The form is user-friendly and allows for the creation of a structured cost estimate by dragging and dropping elements.

In practice, this template can be used by businesses to formulate clear and detailed quotations for customers and itemize the costs for various products or services. It would be particularly useful for sales representatives to quickly generate individual quotes for customers, ensuring accuracy and consistency in pricing, and creating an official record that can be signed and confirmed by both parties involved in the transaction.

Construction Work Report

This template includes various sections for customer information, job descriptions, employee schedules, material consumption, and the status of work completion. Users can drag and drop fields such as name, address, phone, email, and signatures, with options to add tables for schedules and materials, checkboxes for work completion, and signature fields for the construction manager and the customer.

The template is suitable for numerous use cases in the construction industry, from daily work reporting to tracking material consumption. It can be used by construction managers to document and review tasks completed by workers, record hours worked, and ensure materials are used as planned. It also serves as an official document between the service provider and the customer, where both parties can confirm the work performed with their signature, enhancing transparency and accountability in construction projects.

Repair Order

The repair order form is designed to facilitate customers in submitting repair requests. It includes fields for customer data such as first and last name, address, phone, and email, detailed sections for describing the required repair and damage, as well as an option to upload photos. It also includes a section where the customer can engage a company to perform the described services, with space for a description of the services and the order date, ending with a field for the customer's signature.

Such a template for a home service or property management company would streamline the process of reporting and scheduling repairs. Customers could conveniently fill out and submit detailed reports on issues, which could be reviewed and efficiently addressed by service providers. This speeds up the repair process and provides a clear record of the service agreement, enhancing overall service satisfaction and management efficiency.

Audit (Internal)

This form template is intended for internal audits. It includes fields for entering the audit date, auditor's name, and participants, as well as sections to describe the audit's subject, results, and follow-up actions to be taken. There is also an area for listing recommendations, findings, and deviations, followed by an action plan with fields for specific actions, deadlines, and responsible parties. The form is structured to ensure a thorough and organized approach to auditing within an organization.

This audit form is tailored to various application scenarios, such as conducting routine internal compliance checks, financial audits in accounting departments, quality assessments in manufacturing, or process evaluations in different industries. It systematically gathers critical data and ensures that all non-conformities are noted, and an action plan is developed to address issues, adhere to best practices, and maintain high standards within an organization.

Audit (Schedule)

The audit schedule is a form for planning and conducting audits, particularly within a framework that may also include standards such as ISO. The form is structured to capture comprehensive details such as the audit date, applied audit standard, type, objectives, and criteria. It also includes provisions for specifying the audit team, including their roles and names, as well as the audit schedule from start to finish, areas to be audited, and the individuals involved.

This form can be used in various industries where audits are a regular part of operations, such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, or any other sector where compliance with specific standards is required. It is beneficial for internal audits where documenting the process is crucial for quality control, regulatory compliance review, and process improvement.

Inventory List

The template "Inventory List" is used for organizing and documenting inventory items. Users can edit the form by moving fields for the description of the area, date, responsible person, item name, item number, quantity, and the date the items were counted. The template also includes a signature field, providing a method for authentication and accountability.

This is particularly useful for retail, warehouse management, and any other businesses requiring accurate tracking of goods. The ability to designate a responsible person and insert a signature ensures clear accountability for inventory records and enhances the accuracy and trust in the inventory management process.

Construction/Property management

Building Inspection

The form is intended for managing various aspects of a construction project inspection. The form also includes fields for relevant data, photos of defects, and signatures of both the client and contractor for authentication of the inspection

For companies focusing on property management or construction services, this form is an essential component in standardizing building inspection processes. It ensures that all critical elements, from contract compliance to warranty enforcement, are accurately documented and signed off on. This could be particularly useful for project managers, building inspectors, and clients seeking a transparent and structured approach to assessing construction quality and regulatory compliance.

Construction Protocol

The form is tailored to capture details and activities on a construction site. Additional fields for employee details, company emails, and signatures provide a comprehensive means of documenting and reviewing construction site conditions and progress.

This form would be a valuable digital tool for a property management company, allowing project managers and site supervisors to log construction progress and issues. It would also be useful for accountability, enabling stakeholders to track developments, ensure compliance with construction protocols, and document any incidents or changes in the project with accompanying photographic evidence. The structure of the form facilitates methodical recording and communication between the construction team and property management.

Handover Protocol

It is a form for documenting the condition of a rental property during the tenant's move-in or move-out. This comprehensive template ensures that all aspects of the property's condition are recorded, with photographic evidence of any defects.

Any user providing property management or rental services can use this form to facilitate a smooth and clear handover process. It is particularly useful for property managers and tenants to agree on the condition of the property and avoid future disputes over damages or responsibilities. This form serves as a formal, signed agreement on the condition of the property at the time of handover, which is crucial for deposits and maintenance records.

Maintenance Order

The form was developed for property managers to report and order repairs for maintenance issues within a property. Additionally, the repair priority can be set, there is the option to upload a photo of the damage, and there are sections for contracting contractors, including their contact information and description of the services to be performed, as well as signature fields for authorizing the work.

For a property management company, this form would streamline the process of reporting, prioritizing, and ordering maintenance work. Property managers could use it to efficiently coordinate repairs with service providers and communicate with tenants about the status of their maintenance requests. This ensures a quick response to issues, preserves the condition of the property, and enhances tenant satisfaction.

Meter Reading

The form template is intended for property management companies or utility companies to capture and manage meter readings for properties. Additionally, photos can be attached, and there are signature fields for verification.

For a property management company, this form would be essential for accurately tracking consumption and ensuring that billing is based on actual usage. It would be particularly useful during tenant turnovers, routine inspections, or when discrepancies arise in billing. The structure of the template ensures clarity and accountability in utility management and facilitates communication between property managers, tenants, and utility companies.