Formtastic documentation

Using special elements

In the form designer there are different input elements, group elements, structure elements and special elements available. The following list explains all special elements and their specific setting options:

1. Calculation

A calculation field can be provided with a formula that calculates with the numbers from other fields (input fields of type integer or decimal or sliders of type integer). Also sums from fields within group elements can be used in the formula. The result of the calculation is displayed immediately, i.e. already when filling in. If you want to insert a decimal number into the formula (e.g. as a factor), please use a dot instead of a comma as decimal separator. The normal dot-before-dash rule applies, so parentheses can also be used.
Example: (#number1# + #number2#) * 2.5

Numbers after the decimal point: default is 2

Formula: The 4 basic arithmetic operations (+, – , *, /) can be used. The number placeholders available in your form are displayed below with a gray background.

2. PDF File

Inserts a PDF file into the form. This PDF can then be opened by clicking on it during filling.

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