Formtastic documentation

General settings of form templates

After defining the form elements in step 1, in the general settings in step 2 you can specify the form title and export file name. If you do not specify anything here, default names will be used. So you can also adjust these settings later.

Static names and dynamic placeholders can each be used individually or in combination.

Example: Audit report from #form_create_date#

The placeholders are dynamically replaced by the respective saved values. A list of placeholders available for your template can be opened via the link above the fields.

For example, you can specify the entered customer name together with the creation date as the file name of the PDF export to have your PDF export files named in a meaningful way.

Filename template: The filename of the export file (PDF / Word) that will be attached to the email after sending the form.

Document title: The name that is displayed in the app and in the web interface when the form is saved or sent.

Document subtitle: The subtitle that is displayed in the web interface when the form is saved or sent.

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