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Form data overview

On the start page of the web interface is the overview of all your previously saved and sent forms (whether from the web interface or from the mobile app, i.e. Android or iOS). The forms are listed in a folder structure – similar to an email box. You can also see this structure in the mobile app for iOS and Android. Here, existing forms can now be reopened, downloaded as PDFs and managed. And of course, new forms can also be created or filled out.

To fill out one of your form templates via the web interface instead of the mobile app, simply click the “Create form” button.

Explanation of the folders:

Inbox: In the Enterprise price plan, forms can be assigned to another user before being sent (workflow). A form assigned to me appears here in the Inbox.
In work: This folder contains all forms that have been saved as drafts after being filled out in the app or web interface, but have not yet been sent.
Sent: This folder contains all forms that have been sent. In the Professional and Enterprise plans, you also have the option here to resend forms with the current send settings or move them back to the in-work folder.
Assigned: This folder contains all forms that you have assigned to another user (Enterprise price plan).
Removed: This folder contains the deleted forms. Form there they can be moved back to the in-work folder.

For admins in the Enterprise price plan

If you are the admin of an Enterprise account, you can use this toggle switch to see all forms of your employees. You can then edit these documents, send them (or resend them) and move them back to the in-work folder.

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