Formtastic Documentation

Import form data bundled using an Excel file

In the Professional and Enterprise price plans form data can be imported bundled into the Formtastic system using an Excel file. For every row of the Excel table one form is created in Formtastic. The so imported forms are saved in the folder “Inbox” and can be edited from there or assigned to other users.

To start the form import, go to “Form import” in the Tools menu.

Now select the form template on the basis of which the new form data should be imported. Then download the “import-template.xlsx”. Open this file and enter your data line by line below the column names.

When the file is imported, one form per line is created with the entered data. Please test your imported file with a few lines in the beginning to see if it works as you planned.

Note: In the last column “#_empfänger_#”, the email address of the user to whom the respective form is to be assigned can be entered if required. This is therefore only intended for users of the Enterprise price plan. In the Basic and Professional tariffs, this column can simply be left empty.