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Create form elements via drag & drop

The creation of a form template takes place in three steps. In the first step, the desired fields or elements on the right can be dragged and dropped to the left form area to the desired location.

Each element must then be set up. To do this, click on the element to open the settings menu. Depending on the element type, different setting options are available. An explanation follows on the next pages.

Important note: the field name you choose is also the placeholder name you use later in the settings, e.g. in your Word export template (see step 3). So whenever you change a field name afterwards, please also check the placeholder names used.

The following form elements are available:

Input elements

  • Input field (text / integer / decimal / phone / email / URL)
  • Multiline text field
  • Date / time
  • Checkbox
  • Selection field (single / multiple selection)
  • List (single / multiple selection / global, cross-form lists)
  • Photo (in the mobile app you can also draw over the photos, e.g. for marking)
  • Signature (Optional: Blocking after signature)
  • Drawing (Optional: With background image)
  • Slider (Integer / Text)
  • Geolocation: Depending on the device settings, the location data is captured during filling. This can be done manually on click or automatically in the background.
  • Voice recording
  • Barcode / QR Code

Group elements

  • Horizontal group: fields within this goup will be arranged next to each other for better clarity of the form
  • Expandable group: the fields within this group can be filled as a block multiple times. The fields are displayed one below the other.
  • Table: similar to the expandable group, so multiple rows with set of fields can be filled in. But here the fields are displayed side by side in columns.

Structure elements

  • Static text
  • Static image
  • Dividing line

Special elements

  • Calculation: live calculation from previous numerical inputs based on the formula you have entered
  • PDF File: inclusion of a PDF, which can then be opened during filling.

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