Formtastic documentation

Using group elements

In the form designer there are different input elements, group elements, structure elements and special elements available. The following list explains all group elements and their specific setting options:

1. Table

A table allows to add any number of data sets row by row. The form fields created in the table are displayed side by side as table columns. Not only input fields can be used, but also all other field types such as selection fields and calculations.

2. Expandable group

Similar to a table (see above), the form fields created in the expandable group can be duplicated as often as desired as a group. The form fields created in such a group are displayed below each other and not next to each other as in the table.

3. Horizontal group

The form fields contained in a horizontal group are displayed next to each other instead of below each other (e.g. first name and last name). This increases clarity and saves space, especially for long forms.

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