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Manage form templates

The form designer is the heart of Formtastic. Here you can create and manage your individual form templates. Finished templates can be filled directly via the mobile app (Android / iOS) or via the web interface and then saved or sent with the respective export settings.

Very useful, especially at the beginning, is the use of ready-made form templates, which can be imported with one click.*

Templates can be easily duplicated via the 3-point menu. In the Enterprise tariff, access to the template can also be restricted here to user groups defined by you.

The following pages explain exactly how to create a template with the Form Designer in 3 steps.

You already have a Word file and would now like to implement it? Or you would simply like individual support in setting up your form?
Feel free to contact us by phone or email so we can discuss your needs. We are looking forward to your requests!

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* Even in the free price plan, the ready-made form templates can be used, but with the restriction that the form elements cannot be edited.

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