Formtastic Documentation

Form export incl. Excel file, PDF and media data

The export function allows you to export your saved form data bundled as an Excel file for further processing or archiving.

Go to “Export forms” under the “Tools” menu. An export is provided as a ZIP file and always includes an Excel table that lists the saved form data in one row each one below the other (with references to the media content). In addition, any email attachments that may have been created (PDF and/or Word file) are always exported as well. Optionally, the media files (photos / drawings / sound recordings) can be added to the export zip file.

To create a new export, the following settings can be made:

  • Date interval: Defines the period for the export to be created.
  • Form for export: Select the form template on which the forms to be exported are based.
  • State: Defines the folder in which the forms to be exported are currently located (In work, Inbox, Assigned, Sent, Removed).
  • Transposed: Normally this option should not be selected. See below for explanation.
  • With media files: Determines whether media files are to be exported (photos / drawings / sound recordings).

Once the export button is clicked, the export ZIP file is created. Refresh the page until the file appears in the list above. Additionally, a download link will be sent via email (the link can only be opened when logged in).

This function can only be used if there is exactly one table in the form. When activated, the entries in this table are exported to the Excel file row by row together with the other fields above and below the table. This can be useful, for example, for order lists that should be imported into other systems.

Example: transposed table

URL for external systems – encrypted retrieval as CSV file

To connect external systems to Formtastic, exports can be retrieved encrypted via a URL with integrated access token (security check).

Export format: CSV (UTF-8;Separator: comma)

Once the settings for the export are made (period, template, status), an individual link is generated.

Alternative export option – Automated saving via SFTP connection
In the Professional and Enterprise price plan, an SFTP connection can be set up directly in the form template. This means that the data is saved on your server immediately after a form is sent. More information here: SFTP connection.