IT forms

Formtastic facilitates efficient task management and documentation of workflows in the IT industry by providing digital forms.

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Advantages for IT companies

Standardised documentation

Formtastic offers various input elements such as photos, signatures and barcodes. IT companies can use these functions to document work processes digitally and uniformly or to keep an up-to-date inventory of hardware and software. Fields can also be created as a copyable group so that they can be duplicated as often as required.

Customised design for your protocols

Formtastic simplifies business processes and improves IT project management with free templates for time sheets, inventory lists and cost estimates. The templates can be customised to your company design. Customer data can be stored to reduce manual input. This saves time and avoids errors.

Intelligent and sustainable management

Use intelligent field settings for visibility, pre-filled values (target values) and calculations. Structure data in tables for clear organisation and subsequent analysis. This saves time in internal processes and customer contact. You also save paper and can increase customer satisfaction as a sustainable company.

Form templates for IT

Free & Customisable

Repair Order

The Repair Order template is invaluable in the IT industry for managing service requests effectively. It allows IT departments to document and track repair tasks systematically, from initial customer complaint to resolution. This template helps prioritize issues, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently to minimize client downtime.

By providing a structured way to log descriptions of the problem, actions taken, and final outcomes, it enhances responsiveness and improves service quality. The template also facilitates communication between team members and with clients, keeping all parties informed about the status of repairs, which is critical for customer satisfaction and retention.

Working Time Recording

The Working Time Recording template is crucial for efficiency in the IT industry, particularly for tracking the hours spent on different projects or client support tasks. It ensures accurate billing by logging exact work durations and breaks, which is essential for client invoicing and payroll processing.

This template also aids in resource allocation, allowing managers to optimize staff deployment based on actual time data. By analyzing work patterns, IT companies can improve productivity and identify areas needing efficiency enhancements. Furthermore, maintaining detailed time records helps in compliance with labor laws and provides transparency for clients, enhancing trust and business reputation.

Inventory List

The inventory list template is highly beneficial in the IT industry for managing hardware and software assets efficiently. By categorizing items based on location or department, it ensures that all assets are accounted for and easily accessible. This organization helps prevent hardware misplacement and software license mismanagement, crucial for maintaining operational readiness and compliance. Detailed tracking of quantities and responsible persons minimizes errors and theft, optimizing resource utilization.

Moreover, regular inventory updates help IT departments predict needs for future purchases and maintenance, ultimately reducing costs and improving service delivery to end-users. This precision supports robust IT infrastructure management.

Cost Estimate/offer

The Cost Estimate / Offer template is essential in the IT industry for providing transparent and detailed financial proposals to clients. It allows IT companies to clearly outline the costs associated with services or projects, including labor, hardware, and software components. This transparency helps build trust with clients by preventing unexpected expenses and enabling them to make informed decisions.

Additionally, the template facilitates quick adjustments to proposals, allowing for customized solutions based on client needs and budget constraints. By standardizing the estimation process, it also improves efficiency and accuracy in financial planning, helping IT firms maintain competitive pricing and manage profitability effectively.

Essential form fields


Record when customer meetings or system checks have taken place.


Useful for quickly marking completed tasks during system diagnostics, software installations or routine maintenance checks.


Structures complex data such as IT key figures and then enables simple analysis.


Employees and customers can sign on site in the app and the signatures are displayed in the PDF export.


Record IT key figures, customer information or technical descriptions.

Barcode/QR Code

Scanning a code simplifies inventory management and tracking of hardware and software.