digitale apotheke

Increase in Efficiency and Sustainability

The Lahn Pharmacy in Marburg, with around 70 employees, is one of the large pharmacies in Germany. The introduction of Formtastic into the operation marked a significant leap towards efficiency and sustainability, simplifying the daily tasks.

The switch to Formtastic meant bidding farewell to cumbersome paper forms that once slowed down workflow. This change alone has enabled the pharmacy staff to dedicate more time to what truly matters – patient care.

Protocols for medication blistering in the blister center or for medication dispensing in assisted living facilities are now created more quickly and diligently.


Improvement of Service Quality

The unified documentation through the app has ensured a smoother, more reliable process for the collection and management of patient data since its introduction. This has led to an improvement in service quality, as staff can access and process information more quickly and accurately.

Simultaneously, the Lahn Pharmacy has taken a significant step towards sustainability by adopting Formtastic, saving paper in daily operations. This measure has been met with positive feedback from both staff and customers, aligning with the goal of an environmentally friendly corporate philosophy.