The company Krasniqi Building Cleaning, a medium-sized family business in its second generation from Baden-Württemberg, aimed to meet the challenge of using digital technologies to increase efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. At this juncture, the managing director, Mr. Astrit Krasniqi, discovered the Formtastic form tool. 

Gebäudereinigung Krasniqi

Digital protocols improved service quality

After all the required forms were set up, the success became evident quickly. The time spent on documenting performed tasks on-site could be reduced by 50%. This time-saving led to more resources available for the more crucial core activities, thus improving service quality and customer satisfaction. Since then, Krasniqi Building Cleaning is very proud to be able to ensure high-quality and sustainable data management.

Ecological responsibility through paper reduction

The transition to digital documentation has also brought about a significant reduction in post-processing workload. Administrative tasks have been streamlined, and the ecological footprint has been reduced. Since sustainable business practices are highly sought after by customers, using digital forms has provided a dual benefit. As a result, customer satisfaction has increased significantly.

The specific applications of Formtastic in the workflow of Krasniqi Building Cleaning include work reports (for documenting completed tasks) and material ordering (for timely replenishment of materials).

Since Krasniqi Building Cleaning has implemented digital forms with Formtastic, the company has not only optimized its workflow and taken on ecological responsibility but has also improved customer service through the integration of technology.