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Manage user data (Enterprise plan)

In the Enterprise plan, you can add unlimited user licenses. To manage and assign the booked licenses, go to “Users” in the account menu.

If you ordered new licences they will be shown as unused licenses and you can create a new user. Existing users can be adjusted by clicking on the pencil icon on the right.


Each user can be assigned to one or more groups. Each group has either the “Admin” or “Normal” permission role. By default, there are already 2 groups in your account with the names “Admin” and “Normal”. Feel freeto add any number of additional groups.

Admin permission: The user is allowed to see and manage everything, including other users’ form and account data.

Normal permission: The user can only access his own form data and only use form templates that were assigned to him. They do not have access to the form designer or to the settings for the company account (price plan administration, groups, etc.).

For more information, please visit the Groups page.

Deleting users is not possible to keep the linked form data consistent. Instead, users can be deactivated (even temporarily). Deactivating them releases a license again, so that another user can be created. The number of currently used and available licenses is shown above the table.

The user email should also used as the login name in both the web interface and the mobile app.

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