Amidst the hustle and bustle, seamless and efficient information management is crucial for success. Formtastic emerges not just as a tool but acts as a pivotal catalyst for a complete transformation of your work processes.

Focus on Form Digitalization

Formtastic stands out as a game-changer, as emphasized by Christoph Schmetter of Schmetter PulverDesign. It goes beyond reducing paperwork and creates a fundamental shift towards a service-oriented, resource-saving company.

Key Features at a Glance:

1. Central Control via the Web Portal 

The true magic of Formtastic lies in its central control via the web portal. The form designer, your virtual artist, enables customized templates that are not only digital but also intelligent, adapting to your specific requirements.

2. Mobile Data Collection with the Formtastic App

Formtastic’s mobile app is your assistant on the go. Fill and send forms on your tablet or smartphone while all data is seamlessly synchronized with the web portal. The clear folder structure keeps you informed about processed, assigned, and sent forms – all with a swipe.

3. Focus on Security and Data Protection

In a world that demands security and data protection, Formtastic stands as a guardian. Secure process and data storage in a German high-performance data center ensures GDPR compliance and adherence to German data protection laws.

Conclusion: The Change Begins Now

Formtastic is not just a tool, but an intelligent game-changer. No post-processing, no duplicate entries – your forms evolve into intelligent business processes that save time, costs, and paper.


Experience the future of form digitization with Formtastic! Register for free on our website because your data is worth it.