Welcome to an exciting new guide on our Formtastic Blog! Today, we’d like to introduce you to the fascinating world of online form links. This innovative feature allows you to effortlessly create links that can be opened by your customers or participants directly in their web browsers. A true game-changer for launching surveys and seamlessly adding data to the form.


Do you prefer reading texts? Our detailed tutorials are waiting for you: 

1. How to Create Online Form Links

Let’s start with how easy it is to create these links. After logging in, you can choose from existing templates in the Form Designer or create a new form. For detailed instructions, feel free to watch our linked video. In this tutorial, we’ll use an already created form to which we want to add the new link feature.

Simply navigate to the general settings of your template. Here, you will find the exciting feature “Share as an Online Form”. Clicking on “Add Link” allows you to create a new link. The best part? You can create as many links as you need, and each can be individually customized to suit different customers or specific use cases.

Now proceed to create the links! When someone uses the link to fill out the survey, they will be redirected to a confirmation page after submitting it. You can customize the text as needed and use individual messages instead of the standard text. To keep track of your various links, you can add internal notes for each link, such as the name of the recipient.

2. Managing the Captured Data

You can decide whether the captured data should be saved in the “In Progress” folder or sent directly according to your email and export settings. More information on the export options can be found in a later video or at any time on our Formtastic website.

Finally, simply press “Save” to receive the link. You can delete, edit, and send this link at any time.

We are confident that this new feature offers you a flexible and efficient way to capture customer data and conduct surveys. In an increasingly digitalized world, it’s crucial to utilize innovative tools like online form links to optimize your workflow.

If you liked this information and want to learn more about the possibilities of digital data capture, follow our channel for regular updates. Do you have questions or suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments – we value your feedback!

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