Digital forms simplify data processing, improve the speed and efficiency of data collection, and save on paper costs. They are a modern replacement for fillable paper documents. Information can be captured and processed via an app or in a browser. This facilitates data entry, allows for quick updates, and synchronization across various devices, thus eliminating the drawbacks of paper documents and improving data accuracy.

Advantages of Digital Forms

Digital forms can significantly reduce paper consumption in a company. This reduces CO2 emissions and conserves forest resources. Companies can also use this profitably in their external image, as customers nowadays place great value on ecologically valuable products in their purchasing decisions. Therefore, customer satisfaction can be increased when companies work sustainably with digital forms and save paper.


Why should you choose Formtastic?

Formtastic allows you to save and send the data captured in the form as a PDF in your desired company design. The automation features reduce the amount of work time required by users and ensure that data collection is quick and accurate. The transparent pricing makes Formtastic an attractive option for companies that want to digitize their form processes.

Additional Features of Formtastic

The no-code interface of Formtastic allows all users, regardless of their technical knowledge, to easily design and implement forms. Additionally, your data from Formtastic can be further processed in other systems via Excel export.

Use Formtastic for Free

The features of Formtastic can be tested for free. This offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to try out a sophisticated digital form system without any initial costs. Use Formtastic today to enhance sustainability and operational efficiency, and to reduce costs.

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